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Daniel Arthur Lapres Senior partnerBeijing Clients are concentrated in communications (computer, television, telecommunications, publishing) and design (fashion, furnishings). Strategy, negotiation and drafting in connection with commercial and financial contracts, company creation, financial and legal planning, dispute settlement. Zones of intervention: France, Canada, Greater China and India. Representation before all French courts, specializing in business and immigration matters

Deng Jinlong LawyerBeijing Corporate Affairs, Securities and Capital Market Affairs, Civil Affairs, Civil and Commercial Litigations & Arbitrations.

Lei Kai senior adviser Beijing International Business, Financial Affairs, Mining and Resources

Qiu Yajuan PartnerBeijing Real Estate and Construction, Corporate Affairs, Finance (Investment and Financing), Securities and Capital Market, Litigation and Arbitration, Pro Bono and Legal Aid

Yang Qin LawyerBeijing Foreign Investment and Merger Cases, Finance-Related Legal Affairs, Company Legal Affairs, Litigation and Arbitration

Zhang Caiping PartnerBeijing Corporate Affairs,Criminal Defense,Litigation and Arbitration

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