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Business card


Lei Kai
Kunlun Law Firm, Deputy Director, Consultant
Practice Area:
International Business, Financial Affairs, Mining and Resources

Work Experience

July 1986 – August 1987    Teacher, School of Law, Wuhan University
Sep.1988 – Jun.1990    Legal Advisor for the Legal Affairs Department of China North Industries Group Corporation
Jun.1992 – Jan.1997    Legal Advisor (China) of Paris Office, Coudert Brothers Law Firm, America
Sep.1997 – Dec.2000    Shanghai Representative of Paris Office, Thieffry et Ass. Law Firm, France
Jan.2001 – Jun.2004    Deputy Manager, Legal Affairs Department of D’Long International Strategic Investment Company
Jun.2004 – Nov.2006    Senior Partner, Zhong Yin Law Firm, Beijing
Dec.2006 till present    Deputy Director, Consultant of Kunlun Law Firm


PhD of International Economic Law, Pantheon-Sorbonne University
Master of Law (LL.M.), Harvard University
Master of Law, Wuhan University
Bachelor of Law, Southwest University of Political Science and Law

Professional Qualifications

The working language

Chinese, English and French

Published articles / publications

Social Activities

General Secretary of Experts Committee, China Development Research Institute
Specially-appointed Member of Expert Database for China Development Bank
PE Researcher, Financial and Industrial Development Research Center, Peking University
Distinguished Chair Professor, Wuhan University
Member of France-China Economic Law Association

Personal honor

1. Assistance Editor and Writer for E-books on Chinese Law published in English by ICC, including Business Law in China, Trade, Investment, Operations and Finance. Please make a reference at: www.iccbooks.com ICC Publication no.672,2008
2. Assistant Editor and Co-author of Business Law in China: Trade, Investment and Finance, chief editors are Daniel Lapres and ZHANG Yuejiao, ICC, 1997; the book was the first of its kind published in Europe to comprehensively introduce Chinese laws. The Book was published by ICC to Europe and the US; participation in the translation of A Brief Introduction of the US Environment Law, published by China Environment Science Press, 1988; participation in writing of Marketing Legal System - A Contrastive Research between China and Europe, published by Thieffry et Ass in Chinese and French, 2001
3. He published more than 10 articles on China’s Company Law and Investment Law on JDI - Journal DU Droit International which is famous law professional publications, IBLJ - International Business Law Journal which is bilingual legal professional magazines, Gazette du Palai and Banque in French special issue when he was in France during 1990s

Representative Cases

Deputy Director LEI Kai has more than 17 years practicing law in foreign-related, domestic and international investment and merger affairs. He has participated and led a number of cases in foreign investment, domestic and overseas mergers. His representative cases include:

Foreign Investment and Mergers

Joint venture program between Alstom (France) and CSR Qingdao Sifang Co., Ltd.

Joint venture program between Alstom (France) and Suzhou Switch Device Plant and Hangzhou Furnace Factory

Contracting program for Alstom to be the supplier and tax scheme designer for Shanghai Metro Line 3 (The Pearl Line)

Carrefour’s franchisee program in Fangzhaung and Fangyuan, Beijing

Joint venture program and technological cooperation program between ELFI Group(Italy) and Shandong Little Duck Co., Ltd.

Joint venture and acquisition of equities of Henan Topfond Pharmaceutical Company by Sumitomo ChemicalJapan

Representing JMC in a negotiation with Getrag (Germany) over the gearbox business, asset merger and joint venture

Conducting due diligences, scheme design and other legal services for a number of French investment companies and fund companies in mergers of domestic asset as partner of Ernst & Young Accounting Firm

Domestic Mergers and Reorganization

Reorganization of First Tractor Company Group by Tsinghua Holdings and Tsinghua Holdings Capital

Acquisition of Club of China Eastern Airlines by Hemu Jiusheng in Shanghai

Back-door listing program for a Zhejiang-based enterprise

Exhaust gas power generation program (Shanxi) by Shanghai Eurfo International Group

Acquisition of Shandong Yizhong real estate Group program by a subsidiary of Sino-Ocean Land Holdings (H-Share)

Participated in more than 20 merger and reorganization programs for D’Long International Strategy Investment Company as the Principal of its Legal Affairs Department (such as Huiyuan Juice, Tianshan Cement, Xinjiang Western Tourism, Tunhe Stock, D’Long Husbandry, merger of Shanxi Auto Group by Hunan Torch, Chongqing Auto Group program, merger programs of water companies in cities of Hunan and Jiangxi Provinces, etc.)


Overseas Investment and Mergers

Overseas acquisition of two Canadian mining programs by a domestic mining corporation

Acquisition of Two Cast Europe project of French by Hebei Hongye Machinery Co., Ltd.

Merger of two large German enterprises (Fairchild Dornir Manufacturing Company and Grundiq as the Germany’s largest and Europe’s third-largest TV brands) by a large private investment enterprise in China

Acquisition and post-integration of America Murray Inc. by a large private investment enterprise in China


Project Financing

Seller financing program (worth of USD 400 million) by State Import and Export Bank and China Shipbuilding & Offshore International Co., Ltd.

PE program of Eurfo International Group (worth of USD 50 million)

PE program of Sunnergy PV (worth of USD 20 million)


Coordination and Management of Overseas Litigation and Arbitration

General Legal Coordinator for a number of overseas litigation and arbitration cases (particularly in France, Germany and HK SAR) for Chinese enterprises