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Recruitment of Partners and Senior Lawyers
I.Position requirements:
Have a good command of law, outstanding education background and bachelor’s degree or above in law of prestigiousuniversities. Master’s or Judical Doctor degree preferred, overseas study and practice experience preferred.
Have lawyer practicing licence in China , more than 5 years practice experience, a clear practice direction and abundant experience of independently undertaking cases in some professional fields or non-litigation cases; practice expertise in areas such real estate, mergers and acquisition (M & A) and restructuring, banking and finance, securities and capital markets, intellectual property protection and international business are an advantage;
Strong capability and taking initiatives of opening up new business, open-minded, and strong , management, communication, coordination skills;
Higly responsible and reliable,,teamwork well-conducted, honest and faithful ,have a good record of ethics and practice;
Accept the culture and values of Kunlun.  
II.Contactinformation:Please send your resume as an attachment to hr@kunlunlaw.com with the e-mail subject: name + position applied.